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What Authors And Self-Publishers Need To Know To Sell More Book Sales

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Author: Joseph C. Kunz, Jr.

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The Foreword Ebook Front CoverAn Insider’s Guide To Help You Instantly Create An Amazing And Profitable Sell Sheet For Your Book So That You Can:
• Look More Like A Professional Author
• Get Your Book Into More Markets
• Get More Clients For Your Business
• Start To Build An A Dedicated Group Of Followers
• Get More Of Your Books Sold!

Book Description
From The Introduction

Table Of Contents

Introduction: How This Book Can Help You Sell More Books Starting Today

Part 1: Introduction To The Book Foreword
1.1: Foreword Vs. Preface Vs. Introduction: A Guide For Self-Publishers
1.2: The Foreword, Preface, And Introduction As Powerful Marketing Tools
1.3: 7 Things Readers Notice When Picking Up A Book
1.4: How A Book Foreword Can Help An Author’s Career

The Professor And The Foreword BookPart 2: How To Write A Book Foreword
2.1: 2 Essential Ingredients That Make A Book Foreword Great
2.2: 37 Tips For Writing A Book’s Foreword
2.3: How To Write A Book Foreword: A Checklist For Authors
2.4: How To Write A Book Foreword: Step By Step
2.5: Personalize Your Foreword With Anecdotes To Make It More Powerful
2.6: How To Write Amazing Sentences And Paragraphs
2.7: How To Find Your Non-Fiction Writing Voice
2.8: How To Write A Personal Essay

Part 3: How To Get Someone To Write The Foreword For Your Book
3.1: 5 Steps To Getting A “Big Name” To Write Your Book’s Foreword
3.2: Getting A Big Name To Write Your Book’s Foreword

Part 4: Appendix
4.1: Foreword Vs. Preface Vs. Introduction: A Guide For Self-Publishers (Infographic)
4.2: How To Write A Book Foreword: Step by Step (Infographic)
4.3: Book Foreword Sample
4.4: About The Author

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Special Features In This Book
• Throughout the book, each chapter has its own active link to my iTunes podcast, where you can listen to me read the text to you.
• And some chapters are also linked to my SlideShare account, which has my PowerPoint decks for this book.
• I created all of this extra material with the hope that each of these might help you get more out of each chapter, thereby making your publishing journey smoother and more prosperous.

Who This Book Is Written For
• For every self-publisher that is trying to find the best person to write their book’s foreword.
• For every person has been asked to write a book foreword, and now needs help and guidance to write it.
• Business owners and professionals looking to publish a book in order to increase their credibility with their current clients and customers – and also help them get new clients and customers.
• Published authors that are disappointed with their current level of book sales, and are looking for practical and cost-effective ways to improve their sales.
• The retired, or those approaching retirement, looking to write and publish so that they can share their knowledge and experiences with others – and make a few extra bucks by doing so.


About The Author
Kunz is a natural-born manager and entrepreneur. Circumstances and life forced Kunz to learn how to manage a home, family, and business as a young teenager. Over time, he finally came to realize that he is one of those fortunate people that has discovered what he loves to do, gets to do it every day, and makes money doing it. Kunz has also been advising other entrepreneurs, of all ages and backgrounds, about starting and managing their own small businesses, for the last 30+ years.

Kunz has many years of experience as a hands-on, in-the-trenches, business manager and marketer. His practical advice, guidance, and insight has helped many others to avoid costly mistakes, and also helped strengthen their businesses into more financially viable operations. Kunz is especially proud that he has helped many others learn how to balance their self-employed business life with their family life – and still be financially successful. Kunz believes that true wealth, success, and happiness can only be achieved by balancing our business life with the duty we have to our self and to our family.

Kunz learned about publishing while he and his wife Michele were building their medical training business. In order to help their students become more successful, and help them learn a large amount of information very quickly, the Kunz’s learned how to publish books, study guides, pamphlets, and videos to help their students better understand the study material. These study publications became so popular that students and educators at colleges and hospitals from around the country began asking for them. Because of their popularity, they decided to take the publishing to the next level by setting-up their own publishing company.

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Updated: 09/01/17; 86 pages; 15,200 words

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